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Route 1 Reads

From its start at Fort Henry, Maine, at the US-Canada border, to its southern terminus in Key West, Florida, just 90 miles from Cuba, U.S. Route 1 connects the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Since 2015, Route 1 Reads has created a literary link of our coastal states as well. Each year, 16 affiliated state centers for the book launch a themed reading initiative featuring books from each of our states, commonwealths, and/or district.

In 2019, Route 1 Reads is Cooking the Books!

Visit the Route 1 Reads website to read about all the cookbooks on our reading map this year.

Click here to download a poster featuring all of the 2019 Route 1 Reads cookbooks.


Massachusetts Center for the Book has chosen Flour by Joanne Chang (Chronicle Books) as our contribution to a delectable lineup of culinary creativity.

A winner of the James Beard award for Outstanding Baker, Joanne Chang has become a Boston culinary institution as a chef and restaurateur, cookbook author, and entrepreneur.  This book, her first of several, includes “spectacular recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Café.” All are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth or become some of your family’s favorite treats or holiday traditions.  Be sure to try Flour’s infamous Sticky Sticky Buns, Homemade Oreos, or Marvelous Multigrain Sourdough. We featured her Rosemary Shortbread on the Massachusetts recipe card, and it goes without saying that we highly recommend it!

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Chang provides personal and engaging anecdotes about every recipe, and for students of cookbooks, she graciously shares her knowledge and advice about baking techniques, equipment, and ingredients.

Click here for Flour’s recipe for Rosemary Shortbread.

 Bon appetit!

Previous Massachusetts Route 1 Reads books:

2018 (R1R Romance): Some Kind of Hero (Ballantine 2017) by Suzanne Brockmann. A worthy addition to the award-winning Troubleshooters series, featuring U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Tom Paoletti, his counterterrorist team, and a romantic interest, from this NY Times bestselling author.

2017 (R1R Biography and Memoir): Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (Random House 2016) by Larry Tye. The author traces his subject’s development from Cold-War conservative to warrior for social justice in a well-researched and engaging look at RFK and mid-20th century America as the Eisenhower years dissolved into the turbulence of the 1960s.

2016 (R1R Mysteries): Truth Be Told (Forge 2015) by Hank Phillipi Ryan. This Agatha Award winner, and the third in the Jane Ryland series, begins with the investigation of one suburban family’s eviction and quickly expands to matters of larger financial manipulations and cold cases, ultimately underscoring our fundamental need for shelter, connection, and relationship.

2015 (R1R’s inaugural year): Revere Beach Elegy (Beacon 2002) by Roland Merullo. In a series of ten loosely connected essays, Merullo describes growing up — and growing beyond — his hometown of Revere, Massachusetts, a north-of-Boston community on U.S. Route 1, home to, among other things, America’s first public beach.