Mass Bookshelf for September 2015

Here are the titles published by Massachusetts authors this month. Did we miss your book published in September 2015?  If so, email with the information.  Thanks! CHILDREN/YOUNG ADULT

The Trouble in Me by Jack Gantos is an autobiographical novel that illuminates the turning point in the author’s youth when he begins to go astray. He meets rebellious neighbor Gary Pagoda – who is just back from “juvie” for car theft – and decides he must emulate Gary, no matter the cost. Fans of the Gantos memoir Hole in My Life, which depicts the crimes for which he was incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, will get a glimpse of the (mis)adventures that led him there.

MacKenzi Lee’s This Monstrous Thing is a creative reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic tale, with a twist. The young mechanic Alasdair Finch uses clock parts to bring his brother back from the dead – with all the accompanying complications that such a feat might suggest. Perfect for fans of titles like Marissa Meyer’s Cinder.


Howard Axelrod’s world turned upside down when an accident during a pick-up game of basketball in college left him blinded in one eye. The Point of Vanishing: A Memoir of Two Years in Solitude captures his quest in the Vermont woods to find the kind of meaning that can’t be changed in an instant.

— Compiled by Kirstie David, Mass Center for the Book.